Service Guide :-
Size of inverter (capacity) will decide what all it can run at any point of time. Or
maximum load you can run on the inverter. Common term which is used is VA (
Volts Amperes). Its not different than watts, Each electrical appliance consumes
energy which is calculated in Watts.
So determine the total wattage by calculating the total number of electrical
appliances you are going to run. And then convert it to VA by dividing it with
power factor ( .8).
For example:- if you have total load of 550 watts / .8 = 687.5 i.e. You will require
800 VA Inverter.  

Battery Selection :-  Battery will decide amount of energy it stores for future
use. So if you want to run your electrical equipment during main power cuts,
then you need to decide on battery size. Simple way to do it is as follows
Total watts / (10.5 x No. Batteries) /  ( .8 ) power factor = battery size required
for one hour backup
550 watts / 10.5x1 / .8 = 65AH for One hour
so if you want three hours backup then 65 x 3 = 190AH battery

Inverter & Battery Installation :-  
Its very important the batteries and inverter are installed properly.
  • always install battery & inverter in ventilated areas
  • battery should be kept away from gas, electrical equipment.
  • Never keep battery in closets
  • Never install battery in bedrooms.
  • Do not smoke in or around battery.
  • Inverter should be of higher capacity than actual usage.
  • connect inverter to specified load only.
  • Wires used should support the total load.
  • wiring should not bypass the MCB trippers at anytime.
  • Free installation do not include usage of extensive wiring work. So always
    demand for systematic wiring.

  • Always use branded batteries. Local batteries are harmful.
  • maintain batteries time to time, keep them clean and report if any sulfation
  • Apply petroleum gel for battery terminals. Do not use grease at any time
  • Gravity of each cell has to be maintained time to time.
  • for longer life battery should be kept in cool areas.
  • use bad conductors of heat to support batteries. Like wooden planks etc.
  • all battery manufactures provide warranty to customers at their local
  • Dealer  can assist transportation of batteries from customers to the
    respective manufacturer with nominal transportation charges

Inverter Service
  • All companies now days provide on site service within 48 hours. When you
    buy an inverter we provide you with all service center numbers.
  • We will also provide service at our customers end.
  • If the inverter is not faulty the visit will be charged.
  • Inverters do not require regular maintenance but they do require the
    regular checks for charging patterns.
  • Warranty will be provided as per rules mentioned in the warranty cards by
    respective companies.
  • there are components like Led lights, aesthetic parts which are not
    covered under warranty.