Established in 2006 with goal to cater the market. We are the first one in this industry
to launch informative website. Since 2006 we have upgraded our product line,
customer base, service area. We cater all over Maharashtra.  

What we do ?

There are variety of products and solutions for all power problems. We do the job of
selection, with our experience we can provide you best solution which is in your budget
and reliable. We don't sell products just because they are associated with brands. We
throughly test it before suggesting them to clients. Our only goal is to bring you closer
to best quality products. We also prefer products which are backed up by after sales

How do we choose products for sale?

  1. Product Quality & Market Reports through various clients & dealers
  2. Service setup :- we look for service setup of company, service time line.
    Commitment and professionalism.
  3. Network & direct interaction with sales team, service team and management
  4. Not all product of a particular brand are successful. These products are tested
    and then only advised for end user.

How do we choose product for you?

  1. Requirement ::- First we would define clients requirement with proper testing
    equipments, load testers and experience.
  2. site visit if required for larger requirements.
  3. Battery sizing is one of the major part of this analysis.
  4. Budget :- what type of budget you are looking at is very important to suggest
    better product.
  5. Recommending proper product for the your need.

POWERAMC products and services :-

Electrical service are critical in todays fastest growing country, we designed
PowerAMC to cater that need. We provide AMC services and wide range of electrical
solutions to all of the following

1. AMC for Home Starting @ Rs. 1500/ Year
2. AMC for Office and commercial setups
3. Institutes, Hospitals, Clinics
4. IT offices, Housing societies
5. Industry and solar maintenance

We also provide Energy audit for understanding your power consumption chart. Which
in return saves money for you.
Installation of product :-
Installation is the most important part for better  product performance, we give lot of
stress on installation as we have found in our past, with perfect installation methods we
do not get any complaints from customers, clients what so ever unless it is a
manufacturing defect.

Why installation is important :-
Proper electrical fittings and wiring, with specify gauge of wires eradicates any faults
what so ever. Proper installation increased product life and efficiency

After sales service :-
We have gather information on different products and problems faced by customers,
with this we have come to conclusion that dealers should not only be mediators but
also active participant in service process. Manufactures do not allow their technicians
to carry our any work other than their products. So there is limitations when a company
provides service, we eliminate this problem by attending the service call by ourselves
with company technician assisting us in product problems.

Backup batteries
We do provide backup batteries if it is available with us at the time of requirement. If
the backup batteries are required for longer period of time then we charge the
customer nominally.
We provide
backup batteries only to our clients.

Backup Inverters
To certain range we do provide backup units, if its taking too long for repairs.

Out of warranty products :-
We repair or get it repair from respective company